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Neurological Impacts of Long COVID: An Overview

Increasingly, more studies have evidenced that Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC), widely known as Long Covid, can greatly impair an individual’s neurology, resulting in a plethora of challenges and uncertainties. A summary of the symptoms are included below.

Key Symptoms indicated Long COVID has impacted individuals neurologically


Cognitive impairment


Functional disturbances

Difficulty concentrating, challenges with memory and clarity in thoughts is grouped under cognitive impairment. Studies which involved neuroimaging of patients with Long Covid concluded that structural changes in the brain’s grey and white matter, particularly in regions associated with memory and sensory processing have occurred suggesting a direct impact on ‘neural networks’ thus leading to aforementioned impairments in these individual’s cognitive thinking.

Functional disturbances, which include symptoms such as chronic headaches and/or migraines, dizziness, and sensory issues also allude to ongoing nervous system dysfunction.

Autoimmune responses add a layer of complexity, as the immune system may continue to attack the body’s tissues, including the nervous system, contributing to the neurologic symptoms associated with Long Covid.

Attomarker Multi-Variant Antibody Immunity Spectrum Test

Adding Insight into the Immunology

Behind the Science

We have developed a Multi-Variant Antibody Immunity Spectrum Test, only requiring a fingerprick of blood, that we believe could be used in targeting treatments for Long Covid patients. It is a research test that, unlike our CE marked test, is not yet licensed to be sold to the public and is not available on the NHS, but the good news is that this promising new test and any subsequent treatment can be arranged privately with an appropriate clinician on a named patient basis. The clinician would be interested in your antibody immunity spectrum and seek to identify your endotype. The immunity spectrum could then inform a possible treatment in discussion with your doctor (and keep in mind that some drugs may be expensive).

We have formed a partnership with a clinic specialising in Long COVID (note this is a private clinic).


More information is available here:

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