About Attomarker Ltd

Attomarker is a British company focused on nanophotonic biochemical testing. It was founded in 2008, and spun out from Professor Andrew Shaw’s research group at the University of Exeter. It has won numerous prestigious awards for innovation and been awarded grants for research from the UK Government due to the significance of its work in diagnostics.

Attomarker specialises in the personalised medicine market and is committed to providing gold-standard rapid diagnostics to enable better and more timely decisions about health and health interventions. 

The core technology can rapidly measure multiple biomarkers in a low volume of blood or saliva to provide a personal immunity or health profile: up to 20 tests in 7-10 minutes. The data can be used by patients to make more informed decisions about their health, wellbeing and protection, and by healthcare professionals to determine a personalised patient healthcare pathway across multiple healthcare settings at the bedside, in the operating theatre, in the pharmacy and at home. 

It has a significant pipeline of tests and is currently focused on four of the most important global health challenges: Long Covid & COVID-19, Infection & Sepsis, Liver Health/Obesity & Diabetes, and Food Allergy and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). Tests to detect early onset dementia and companion diagnostics for cancer are in the pipeline. 


Currently the Company’s products are available in the UK, Cayman Islands and Malta. By Q3 2024, a handheld version of the instrument will be available, with plans to roll out assays for human and animal health on a more global footing in the years ahead. It’s an exciting time for Attomarker but perhaps even more so for the patients served by its innovative gold-based nanophotonic technology.

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Our Vision

Attomarker believes that new challenges to our health require innovative answers inspired by rigorous science.

Rapid personalised diagnosis will enable earlier treatment designed to meet your unique, individual healthcare needs.

High quality diagnosis will reach beyond the laboratory and be accessible to everyone, in clinics, pharmacies and at home.


Initial research conducted by the Andrew Shaw Research Group on the Attomarker platform would not have been possible without the generous support of over 1,000 donors to the University of Exeter Emergency Appeal launched at the start of the pandemic: