asked questions

What is the Long Covid test?

The test looks at spike antibody quantity and quality against early and later variants of Covid (SARS-CoV-2), to give an indication to your immunity spectrum i.e., do you have gaps in immunity against particular variants?

In approx. 45% of Long Covid patients we have tested so far, there is a ‘gap’ against one or more variants which may underlie some of the symptoms seen. Based on the results of this test, the clinician may be able to advise suitable treatment that can help fill this gap e.g., with a heterologous vaccine, or monoclonal antibody therapy.

Does it diagnose Long Covid?
No, the test does not diagnose Long Covid. It is an indicative test of antibody quantity and antibody quality against early and late variants of Covid. This is a research-based test and targeted interventions aimed at either early or late variants, has improved symptoms in some patients following this ‘test-treat-test’ protocol.
How do I book a test?
We have several partner clinics based both in the UK and abroad. Select the clinic of your choice from our ‘book a test’ page and follow the instructions on how to book a consultation and subsequently a test.
Can I just order the test?
No. The test is only available through our partner clinics. Long Covid is a complex condition, and symptoms vary person-to-person. As a result, it requires an individual diagnosis and personal treatment plan, so it must be ordered through a clinician.
Can my NHS GP order the test on my behalf?
Currently, the test is only available through our partner clinics listed. We are interested in bringing new clinics on board so please ask your doctor to contact us at if they would like to order the test for you. As it is a research-based test, it is currently only available through a private practice.
What is the cost price?
The price of the test is dependent on the clinic of choice and their consultation fees. Contact your clinic of choice to get a quotation tailored to your needs.
How long does the test take?

Upon requesting the test through our partner clinic, a mail-away kit will be sent to you for self collection of a finger-prick sample, so it can be done hassle free, and in minutes! Once done, post the mail-kit to us using the return envelope provided in the pack. The laboratory will process the sample within two weeks of it being received.

The timeline for the consultation and discussing the report is at the discretion of the clinic of choice.