What is a Biomarker?

In biomedical contexts, a biomarker, or biological marker, is a measurable indicator of some biological state or condition. Biomarkers are often measured and evaluated using blood, urine, or soft tissues to examine normal biological processes, pathogenic processes, or pharmacologic responses to a therapeutic intervention. Wikipedia

Ironically, it’s perhaps one of the most generic terms in all of medicine, meaning literally ‘anything, that tells us something’ about an individual and their conditions. And yet, the science of identifying biomarkers if the exact opposite of generic – it’s the growing and systematic hunt for ‘that one thing’ or ‘combination of things’ that provides a more definitive and differential answer. A good example is in breast cancer. We can identify breast cancer with a few simple, relatively generic tests, like a mammogram, but increasingly we need to know what type or phenotype it is to be able to choose the very best treatments (or even ones that will work). That requires us to dig deeper into biomarkers (genetics is playing a big role in this particular disease).

Attomarker & Biomarkers

So, you may now be getting a clue to our name. Attomarker Ltd is focused on developing some of the most specific and often complex multiplex tests based on some of the newest biomarkers or biomarker combinations. It does that based on our propriety gold nanotechnology platform. So, what about ‘Atto’?

The definition of ‘Atto’ is (used in units of measurement) denoting a factor of 10−18 and that tells you we work in the area of very small. Our mission is to provide the best possible answers, closest to the point-of-care, regardless of just how small the molecule or sample may be. In doing so, we are changing the science of diagnosis. And we are excited about that.

So, in Summary…

  • Biomarkers might sound like a term reserved for scientists in lab coats, but they’re becoming increasingly relevant and accessible to the even the consumer. Think of biomarkers as your body’s personal messengers, providing valuable insights into your health and well-being.
  • From an individual perspective, biomarkers offer a unique window into individual health that goes beyond traditional measures like weight or blood pressure. These biological indicators can reveal information about everything from metabolic function to potential disease risks. Imagine having a real-time dashboard for your body, highlighting aspects of your health that you might not be aware of otherwise.
  • One of the most exciting aspects for consumers and patients alike, is the potential for personalised health management. Biomarker testing can help tailor lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise, to your unique physiology, as well as choice and dose of therapies. For example, knowing your metabolic rate or glucose levels can guide you in crafting a diet that suits your body’s specific needs, potentially improving energy levels and overall well-being.
  • Moreover, biomarkers can act as early warning signals. Identifying subtle changes in these markers could hint at potential health issues before symptoms become apparent. It’s like having a preventive health tool that allows you to address concerns proactively, rather than reactively.
  • The market for biomarker testing is expanding rapidly. From at-home kits that analyse saliva, blood, or urine samples to wearable devices that continuously monitor various markers in real-time, there are more options than ever for individuals to take charge of their health. We work at both the highly sophisticated level with complex multiplex tests for doctors and we are developing tests that can sit in the hands of consumers, guiding healthcare choices.

In summary, better and more biomarkers, including their combinations, improve diagnostic accuracy, therapeutic choices and empower consumers to become active participants in their health journey. With personalised insights and early detection capabilities, understanding these biological indicators can be a game-changer for individuals striving for a healthier, more informed lifestyle.

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