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APEX App running on an iPad

APEX App running on an iPad

Welcome to Attomarker Ltd, a spin-out company from the University of Exeter, founded to develop a novel, label-free, array-based technology to monitor concentrations of large numbers of biomarkers in the blood to provide a differential diagnosis of disease to assist the clinical decision makers.Multiple simultaneous biomarker analysis of blood chemistry points to a new direction in diagnosis for complex conditions such as allergy or irritable bowel syndrome, or the recovery of patients from operations. The multi-marker analysis provides a view of the health of a patient, an allergy profile or a novel way to follow the recovery of a patient after a surgical procedure.

Latest Announcements

New Services Available

Attomarker are now offering antibody screening and custom synthesis services to clients.

Product Release

Attomarker launches the APEX Recovery Score Research App to test 4 new measures for monitoring recovery in hospital. The app collects data from the existing CRP time course and derives the acute phase response. The APEX Score (Acute Phase EXeter) is a new physiological score and contains the first 8-hr prediction of CRP.

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