The world’s largest medicine galleries open at the Science Museum Saturday 16th November, and Attomarker is there

Nov 15, 2019

The entire first floor of the Science Museum has been transformed into ‘Medicine: The Wellcome Galleries’, bringing together 3,000 medical artefacts, artworks, interactive games and immersive experiences in a vast new permanent exhibition. Supported by the Wellcome Trust, the National Lottery Heritage Trust and GSK among others, the galleries reveal how the quest to better understand the human body has transformed medicine over the centuries.

Visitors will see ground-breaking objects from the history of medicine, including two-hundred-year-old wax anatomical models, the very first stethoscope, a rare iron lung, the first MRI scanner and protein model. From ancient and established to new, Attomarker is being exhibited as an example of medical technology of the future. 

Attomarker is one of the four leading contenders for the £8milion global Longitude Prize, and last week won the ‘One to Watch’ award at the OBN Life Sciences industry event in Oxford. 

Prof Shaw, the company’s founder and CEO, says

“It’s an incredible honour to have our technology alongside some of the great names of science such as Watson and Crick and next to the first penicillin sample. The work in the laboratory progresses well and we will be testing our ideas in the clinic in 2020.”